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We are a  coupon clipping service with one major goal - to help YOU save money at the grocery store each and every week!  We do all of the work so you don't have to!

Fast, Affordable, Reliable

Benefits of Using a Coupon Clipping Service:

*Stock up on items that are rock bottoms prices without buying tons of newspapers.

* You do not have to spend hours cutting out coupons!

*You do not have to organize your coupons for months and then hunt them down.


Order mailing schedule (times are EST)

Ordered on                                         Mails on
Friday After 2-Saturday 10am                   Saturday
Saturday 12pm-Monday 11AM                 Monday
Monday 11am-Tuesday 11am                    Tuesday
Tuesday 11am-Wednesday 11am            Wednesday
Wed. 11am-Thursday 11am                  Thursday
Thurs. 11am-Friday 2pm                        Friday

Whole Coupon InsertInsert orders  will be shipped same day if purchased before Noon EST.

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We offer monthly subscription plans to save you even more!

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Our Coupons are from newspapers which have been PAID for. We do not obtain any coupon or insert in a fraudulent manner. We do not support coupon fraud. When you purchase clipped coupons or coupon inserts, you are paying for a service.
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